EXHIBIT & Buyer Alerts

Please be aware that you may receive solicitations from companies that are NOT affiliated with Emerald Expositions or Surf Expo. The information below will help alert you to such companies. If you have any doubts about a solicitation using the Surf Expo name (for example, the solicitation requires payment made to an address in a foreign country), please contact your sales person or marketing@surfexpo.com.

Attendee & Exhibitor List and Directory Warning

Companies offering access to the Surf Expo attendee or exhibitor list are not affiliated with the Surf Expo or Emerald Expositions. Examples include emarketerss.com. Examples of unauthorized directories or guides include The Fair Guide, the Expo-Guide, and ExhibitPros, all of which use the name of Surf Expo. Emerald Expositions & Surf Expo are NOT affiliated with these publications.

Beware of Travel Scams

Emerald Expositions and the Surf Expo have partnered with onPeak (formerly Travel Planners) as the official housing coordinator.

Don’t be fooled by offers from other parties using the Surf Expo name – they are NOT affiliated with Surf Expo or Emerald Expositions.

Internet/Wifi Networking Service Warning

Smart City is the internet provider of Surf Expo and the Orange County Convention Center.   
Any services that attempt to sell to exhibitors  Internet or Wifi at the Orange County Convention Center, other than SMART CITY is not guaranteed nor do they include ANY on-site support. 

Smart City
Toll-Free: (888) 446-6911
Phone: (702) 943-6087
Fax: (702) 943-6001